our Services


Here at The Clarananda™ Natural Living & Wellness Center, we offer a wide range of services that you can add on to your stay and enhance your personal experience. From ayurveda consultations, to yoga classes, astrology / palmistry readings or holistic cooking lessons, there is something for everyone

Yoga Classes

Want to be invigorated - how about a Hatha yoga flow class or want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated -then a Healing Light Yoga class - all classes can be personalized to your unique you

Ayurveda Wellness Consults

Would you like to discover a more easy and simple way to live a more healthy lifestyle! Consults are 1.5 Hrs. 1 hour assessment and 30 minute follow up.

Astrology Readings

Astrology readings can be offered in a number of ways. Hora astrology reading - you have a burning question about a life issue or you want to have a more indepth understanding of how the stars influence your life and what to easily do about it.



What you think shows up in your hands. The palm tells everything and is used in conjunction with the wellness consults and astrology. Even our Thumb can tell the whole story of who we are. Yes, check it out.


We have a number of nurturing and conscious massage people that we have aligned ourself with to offer you that special give of relaxation in nature.


holistic cooking / organic meals

Learn how to make our secret vegan banana muffins. The BIG M’s so named by one of our students. Our ingredients for our organic, Vegetarian (can also incorporate Vegan) meals come from local organic farms, always fresh and farm to table. Learn the secrets of how to improve digestion, nutrient absorption and cook fabulous vegetarian or vegan meals quickly too.