foundations of Ayurveda Course

Discover the principles behind Ayurveda as a holistic health and healing tool. This foundational course will give you a taste of Ayurveda and allow you to discover whether Ayurveda is right for you.

*The Universal Pharmacy -How to use anything in the universe to create balance

* Consciousness – How to use the mind-body connection to create health

*The Root Cause of Disease – How to prevent disease through living in tune with nature

*The Key to Nutrition – How to maximize diet with the power of strong digestion

 *Detox and Purification – How to purify on a daily basis

*Vital Energy – How to create vibrant energy and rejunvenation


Ayurveda Farm to Table Cooking Classes


We offer farm to table organic vegan / vegetarian holistic cooking classes. Using fresh local organic ingredients and simple, easy to make creative meals we will show you how to offer yourself/ family the very best for ideal taste, optimal digestion and natural Wellbeing.

Vibrant Energy
Discover the biggest block to liveliness and how to overcome this obstacle for more energy, clarity, and happiness.

Nutrition Wisdom
Understand the role digestion plays in overall health and why it is not so much what you eat but how well you digest it that really matters.

Getting to know your nature

ayurpulse (1).jpg

We offer holistic Wellness consults. Consults are 1.5 hours in length with 1 hour during the first session and a 30 minute follow up. Each session may include taking the pulse, a palm reading, numerology, astrology and much more. We offer sessions during our programs as well as on line.

Chutneys and churnas - Learn how to use for optimal digestion


We offer unique and very simple techniques that you can include in your diet to help improve digestion and absorption of nutrients for more energy and overall natural Well-being.