Nature / Permaculture

Northern Cardinal


Baja California Sur is specifically known for its unusually diverse biosphere, and the wide variety of life that exists within it, both in the form of flora and fauna. It is classified as a “dry forest”, consisting of a long dry season and a short rainy season. The weather is at is hottest in July, averaging around 32° C  (90° F ) during the day, and is coldest in January, averaging a mild 24° C (75° F ).

When on the beautiful beaches of Todos Santos and the secluded white sandy beach in front of the Clarananda™ Natural Living & Wellness Center it is common to come across animals such as iguanas, snakes, turtles, hawks, offspray and pelicans, while an equally diverse variety of sport fish and whales can be found in the waters.

The Clarananda™ Natural Living & Wellness Center is alive with a wide variety and specimans of local cacti, desert trees, plants and wild flowers, all of which are wonderful medicines and we offer at our on site Apothecary. In addition, because we have kept the space natural there is a synergistic connection between the local plants and birds that are also attracted to visit Clarananda™.

Whether you prefer to spend all of your time peacefully enjoying Clarananda™, on the beach or in the local town of Todos Santos, there is a wide variety of different activities, such as surfing, hiking, exploring the local towns, and sea turtle releases. For more information on activities in Todos Santos, click here.



The Clarananda™ Natural Living & Wellness Center has embraced the principles of Permaculture - take care of the earth, take care of people and share the surplus.

Permaculture design and practice takes on many forms.  At Clarananda™ we’ve prioritized eco-smart architecture, natural structures, all the grey water goes to feed the plants, solar energy for all our power uses, composting to create soil amendment and important since we live mostly in sand. Our honey bees make use of the wild plants / flowers, fruit trees. Local rocks have been used as rock mulch and all garden designs are created to attact a synergistic relationship between all aspects of nature.

The air is fresh and one of the most ideal ways we recycle is through the breath. What does not serve us we offer in the way of CO2 for the plants and in return they give us oxygen.

Come and drop back into nature! Revitalise, energise, refresh, transfrom, heal, rejuvenate and feel more alive!