Clarananda™ Products

Clarananda™ LOCAL Honey


Yes, we have our very own local honey bees. They love it here at Clarananda™and provide the best tasting local honey. We also use the honey as a carrier (anupan) for local plant medicines.

organic artisanal Chocolate


Yes we also make handmade organic Chocolate - all designed and created by Valma Shakti. We purchse organic cacao beans from Ecuador and Mexico. Bean to bar using our solar energy to make the chocolate. Organic, vegan, gluten free and all natural 70% dark. We also use the chocolate as a medicine carrier (anupan) like our love potion truffle -a powerful aphrodisiac. Our programs often include the use of Cacao for ceremonial purpose or Chocolate to nurture our inner child.

Textiles / Zen Wear


Our Zen wear, textiles and clothing come from India and Thailand. All hand picked by Valma Shakti, we source these unique pieces from special places during our travels. In addition, we have just released the ZEN Star Mala Collection, soulful jewelry designed by Valma Shakti and hand made in India, these are malas for meditation, colour therapy or Ayurveda treatments. Our malas are highly charged with love and based on planetary astrology and numerology.

Local Plant Medicine


The Clarananda™ Natural Living & Wellness Center has an Apothecary where local plant medicine is created and dispensed for use at the center and for those that come from the area or afar looking for a natural remedy. Local plants from the center or local mountains are consciously wildcraft harvested. We also work with the local mountain people for special plants that are harvested sustainably and consciously.