"My experience at the Clarananda Tm Natural Living Yoga & Meditation Center near Todos Santos in Baja Sur, Mexico was amazing!!!  It was such a treat to travel from cold Toronto, with -20 C and arrive to this beautiful warm sunny place with 27 C. The Clarananda Tm Yoga & Meditation Center is beautiful, and if you wish to unwind, take time and nurture yourself in nature, this is the place for you. It was wonderful to be so close to the beach, the cactus, the land and all of the nature was interesting and special. I really enjoyed the accommodation. The beds are so comfortable and the cabin tents are spacious. What a treat to fall asleep and wake up with the sound of the ocean, the birds and the cow bells. Valma Shakti made us feel at home.  You can see details and love everywhere. And the food..... wow!!!!! Valma, I miss so much your vegan organic muffins and delicious prana rich farm to table organic food! All food is organic, and made with so much love, the quality of the ingredients are local, farm to table and the very best.  Yet above all, the love and joy that Valma puts in to preparing every meal, made us feel so special. Thank you Valma Shakti for receiving me at Clarananda Tm and your home! This was my first time and for sure it will come back again! " Catarina - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“Staying at the Clarananda Tm Natural Living Yoga & Meditation Center was a very unique life time experience: a priceless taste of the nature under your feet, around you, and in your gut! Delicious farm to table organic food was prepared with love, natural environment to sleep in and wake up, and friendship were among the joy we had. Thank you for preparing such a lovely environment!” Elisabeth, Canada.